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The Resort

The Mark Meadows Shantiniketan is situated on five beautiful acres of carefully manicured, perpetually green lawns and is made up of picturesque little cottages with red-tiled roofs that would look at home in many different parts of the world. Your resort experience begins when you enter our air-conditioned reception area and are offered a cold drink.


It continues with our bright blue swimming pool that contrasts with the grimy grayness you may be used to in the city. When you need a break from your ordinary life, you need the Mark Meadows.


Imagine sitting under a starry sky, enjoying the tribal chants and drums and the memorizing and haunting music that fills the air. You’ll feel like you’re someone special in a very special place -- because that’s exactly what you are. No place but the Mark Meadows can transport you so far away without you having to travel very far from the conveniences and opportunities that the city provides.

Multicuisine Restaurant

At the Mark Meadows Shantiniketan, enjoy the very best foods from across India and around the world at our multicultural restaurant. It features traditional Indian cuisine from North India to Tandoor and also traditional Bengali foods you’ll enjoy more than you ever expected. Plus, there’s a large selection of Chinese and continental cuisine too. Even better, the food we make fresh each day at our multicuisine restaurant is reasonably priced, professionally prepared and made to our exacting standards.

Our dining room is fully air conditioned and decorated with bamboo and cane, just as you would expect from a fine dining restaurant in India. And the service is as professional and precise as you’ll find in any restaurant in London, New York City or Paris. Because we care so much about our guests and your dietary needs, we offer only the very best items and serve them to you in a manner that befits your status as our special guest.